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Velnue Welcome Station

The clean and clever way to greet your customers

What if a hand sanitizer station looked so nice that customers actually wanted to use it?

What if the hand sanitizer it served was so nice that customers actually wanted to buy it?

The Velnue Welcome Station turns an ugly cost for retailers into a beautiful, welcoming revenue booster.



The Welcome Station works really well

During an extensive pilot test at an independent grocery store in October of 2021, the results were staggering:

Without Welcome Station With Welcome Station
Sanitizer Sales $4/day $100/day
Sanitizer Usage  18% 24%

Velnue Welcome Station Zoom Shot



It's a no-brainer for the retailer

  • It's consignment, so the retailer only pays wholesale cost for product sold each month.
  • No assembly or delivery fee - the Welcome Station arrives fully assembled and stocked with nearly $3,000 worth of product (retail value).
  • Velnue staff will refill tester bottles and restock the Welcome Station on a regular basis, with no service fee.

Velnue Welcome Station Setup



Limited Availability - Reserve Yours Today

If you manage a store where providing a warm and welcoming experience is paramount, then the Welcome Station is for you.

We only have a limited number of Welcome Stations available, so please email to reserve yours today.

Velnue Welcome Station Full