Hand sanitizing done right.

Sanitizing your hands shouldn't make you cringe.

You and your guests deserve better.

Velnue is a premium dispenser and hand sanitizer combo that transforms the unpleasant act of hand sanitizing into an experience that delights the senses.

It's ideal for any home or workplace.

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Dispensers don't have to look like dispensers.

Typical hand sanitizer dispensers are cold and clinical, making it feel like you're entering a hospital. The Velnue touchless dispenser is minimal, contemporary, and noticeable for all the right reasons.


Smells like tangerines, not tequila.

Smells incredible, but still packs a punch.

This isn't some pseudo-science sanitizer that smells amazing, but fails to work. Our proprietary blends effectively kill germs while leaving your hands feeling fresh and smelling even better.


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