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Refill System

Don't recycle. Refill instead.

Our Refilling System gets your R's all lined up - Reduce, Refill, Reuse, Recycle - and that's better for you and the environment.



Refills that last

One litre of hand sanitizer goes a long way, lasting for approximately 1,000 servings.

How long does that last a family of four? Assuming that each member averages four applications per day, the 1L refill will cover you for over 2 months.



All bottles made from recycled plastic

We source recycled plastic to make all of our hand sanitizer bottles. That means no more virgin plastic added to the environment.

And even though we recommend refilling once a bottle is empty, our bottles are fully recyclable themselves. So when you're 100% done with them, make sure you place them in the correct container.



All Starter Kits come with a Refill Supply

This gives you plenty of hand sanitizer to cover you for months, while maximizing your savings from Velnue.