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Benefits of Foam

Foam is better, hands down

Compared to gels and sprays, foam offers an experience that is far superior. It spreads easier, doesn't stick or clog, all while maximizing the effectiveness of the sanitizing process.



Slip and slides are for backyards, not for hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer gels tend to slip and slide, forcing you to handle it like a hot potato. Foam, on the other hand, spreads evenly and easily, not only making the experience more enjoyable, but also making the hand sanitizer more effective.



Stick it to stickiness

Gels exist because they are easier to spread than pure liquid hand sanitizer. The side effect is that it makes your hands sticky. With foam, the messiness of liquid and the stickiness of gel is completely avoided.



Sprays are wasteful

With each spray, 50% is likely to either evaporate or miss your hand completely. That means you'll have to use twice as much to reach the same germ-killing effectiveness as foam.



Warning about Alcohol-free Alternatives

Our sanitizer utilizes pharmaceutical grade alcohol because it works better and it's what the experts recommend.

Many foaming hand sanitizers on the market are alcohol-free. That may sound beneficial, but the active ingredient of those alcohol free sanitizers is Benzalkonium Chloride, which has been linked to asthma and germ resistance.

Furthermore, the CDC has publicly declared that Benzalkonium Chloride "has less reliable activity against certain bacteria and viruses than alcohol."

Our advice: Stick with what scientists know is best - alcohol.



A Great Place to Start

Our Starter Kits are a perfect place to start. They'll provide enough hand sanitizer for months of use, whether you're buying for only yourself or your whole family.