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Ascent Foaming Dispenser | Eggshell

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Made with 100% natural ceramic, this luxurious dispenser is compatible with any foaming liquid, like foaming hand soaps and of course our premium foaming hand sanitizer.

Features and Benefits

Pillowy foam

Easy to refill

Soap or Sanitizer

Easy to press, yet powerful pump produces a lovely full foam, suitable for any foaming liquid.

Large opening makes it super easy to refill, reducing spills to a virtual impossibility.

Soap's the obvious one, but the Ascent dispenser works wonderfully as a foaming hand sanitizer dispenser. Need sanitizer?

Please note that the dispenser has been updated with a satin black pump. The video below shows the dispenser with its original matte grey pump.

Video: Ascent Foaming Dispenser

Ascent Foaming Dispenser specifications

  • 100% natural ceramic base
  • Satin-black BPA-free plastic pump
  • 9.9 x 9.9 x 12.6cm (3.9 x 3.9 x 5.0")
  • 300g
  • 300ml liquid volume
  • Foaming hand soap
  • Foaming hand sanitizer
  • Foaming hand soap tablets diluted in water